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Need More Reasons to Celebrate?  Pets have special calender days too!
For Example:

July is National Lost Pet Prevention Month

July 10 is National Kitten Day
July 11 is All American Pet Photo Day
July 31 is Mutt's Day
Spring is over, but The bugs are still looking for pets to feed on.  Make sure to protect your furry family members as well as yourself by using flea and tick prevention.
Should you happen to find a tick on your pet, make sure to use tweezers or a tick tool, and not your fingers, to remove it.  This will protect you from potentially contracting diseases.
In the hot weather, remember to keep pets off of hot surfaces (their little "toe beans" will burn, walk your pet during the cooler times of the day to prevent overheating or heat stroke and make sure they have constant access to fresh cool water.